The Test of Time: Highlights in American Art
Presenting works that will possess staying power for years to come in both the investment and art historical realms.
December 4, 2008 - January 31, 2009
exhibition artwork

In the face of constant fluctuations in an ever-evolving global market, sound investing as well as a relationship between collector and gallery has always played a key role in building a successful collection.

This year-end show an annual tradition—highlighting the direction of the gallery—has never been brighter in this new era of change.  From never-before exhibited paintings by noted American Modernist Rockwell Kent, to fresh, daring one-of-a-kind silkscreen and acrylic canvases by Bay Area icon Lawrence Ferlinghetti, the show surveys the highlights in the tradition of an American figurative and narrative style. 

Since the Armory Show of 1913, America has taken a prominent role as the center of the art world.  Investors, critics and galleries began focusing and amassing works created by American artists in the 20th Century, which have surpassed most of their predecessors in value and desirability.  From the early works of Milton Avery, to the master prints by American Regionalist Thomas Hart Benton, the George Krevsky Gallery is proud to present works that will, for years to come, have staying power in both the investment and art historical realms.

Now, more than ever before, exceptional opportunities to acquire fine art have surfaced in this period of economic flux.  Recent studies in the art market have provided testimony to blue-chip art's ability to outperform most stock portfolios.  Providing our clients with years of experience and thorough research, the gallery is pleased to make the acquisition of fine art an opportunity to join in documenting our cultural heritage.