Faces & Places
December 13, 2006 - January 27, 2007
exhibition artwork

"Faces and Places" is a group exhibition of artworks by gallery artists. An array of artwork focuses on memorable personalities, and places you have been to or would like to visit, as well as unique individuals whose face inspired the artist to capture their image. Featured in the show are nationally known artists as well as prominent Bay Area artists.

Leonard Baskin
Theresa Bernstein
John Dobbs
Anthony Dubovsky
Jennifer Ettinger
Lawrence Ferlinghetti
Ruth Gikow
John Haley
Michael Kovner
Maurice Lapp
Mikhail Lemkhin
Jack Levine
Louis Lozowick
Pieter Myers
Richard Nagler
Glenna Putt
Mary Robertson
Raphael Soyer
Jennings Tofel
Mark Ulriksen
William Wheeler
Dorothy Winslade