Crack of the Bat: The Art of Baseball
April 3 - April 26, 2003
Reception Thursday, April 3, 5:30 - 7:30 pm
exhibition artwork


Another baseball season is under way…Infielders chatter…vendors shout, "Cold beer, hot dogs, Cracker Jack"…managers and coaches wave signals…"Take two and hit to right"…an umpire dusts off home plate…a pitcher winds and delivers…the CRACK of the bat!

In our sixth annual Art of Baseball exhibition, the gallery highlights the national pastime as seen through the eyes of artists. The works capture the visual excitement of nine players against a backdrop of green and brown, illustrating dreams, legends and icons. Driven by a mutual passion for the love of a game, we hope you'll enjoy the creative and playful panorama that is both a sport and an obsession.

Featured Artists:


Jerry Barrish
Stacey Carter
Rob Cox
Thomas Crawford
Phillip Dewey
John Dobbs
John Dreyfus
Anthony Dubovsky
Chris Felver
Jessica Gandolf
Paul Gibson
Stanley Goldstein
Sidney Goodman
Bret Gottschall

Tina Hoggatt
Elaine de Kooning
Jules Mervin
Ed Musante
Richard Newman
Burt Silverman
Ben Shahn
Ben Teeter
Ray Turner
Greg Thorp
Angelica Villegas
Wolf von dem Bussche
Debra Walker