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Two Poets at Berlin Wall by Lawrence Ferlinghetti
New - 2019
exhibition artwork

Lawrence Ferlinghetti

Primarily known for his poetry and famed bookstore “City Lights”, Lawrence Ferlinghetti has additionally been a visual artist for many years. In the 1950’s Ferlinghetti rented a loft space and spent time painting in an Abstract Expressionist style. Unpleased with his efforts, he stopped painting and did not pick up a brush again until the mid-1970’s when he returned to figurative painting, sometimes very close to abstraction, and often combining the lyrical and the political.

Two Poets at Berlin Wall, a mixed media work including a photo silkscreen, depicts Ferlinghetti and Andrei Voznesensky at the Berlin Wall in 1967. Voznesensky, a Russian poet and writer, ran afoul of Krushchev in the early 1960s, but was later able to travel abroad to meet and work with many of his contemporaries around the world.