Baseball Icons:
together with Casey & Associates; at 555 California St., Concourse Gallery, SF
Legendary Cuban Photographers - Osvaldo & Roberto Salas
exhibition artwork

October 3 November 20, 2015

10 am 6 pm daily

The Seventeen prints in the BASEBALL ICONS exhibition are a collection of iconic images of 1950's Major League Baseball players by Cuban born photographer Osvaldo Salas, augmented by two rare photographs of Fidel Castro by his son Roberto, a highly regarded professional photographer in his own right. Osvaldo Salas was born in Cuba and moved to New York City with his parents at age 14, and eventually became a publicity photographer. On assignment he met Fidel Castro while the communist leader was fundraising in New York. Osvaldo was declared an International Master of Photography by the International Press Association in 1983.

Between 1949 and 1956 Osvaldo Salas worked as a press photographer for the Spanish language newspaper El Mundo. He covered some of the era's memorable sporting events, including President Dwight Eisenhower throwing out the First Ball in the 1955 World Series, Joe Dimaggio and Ted Williams in the prime of their careers, Jackie Robinson as he broke baseball's "color line", young heros Willie Mays, Mickey Mantle, Roberto Clemente and Yogi Berra. Salas later moved back to his native Cuba to document the Revolution. His 15 year old son Roberto tagged along on an assignment to cover a group of young activists who were opposed to the government. One of the leaders Roberto met was Fidel Castro. This turn of of fate gave Roberto a front row seat to the impending revolution. He became part of a small group of photographers who were given what he calls "privileged" access to Castro, allowing him to capture up-close images at private moments. His love of baseball and sense of humor are depicted in Roberto Salas's two rare photos of the President "With Bat" and "Pitching."

The prints in the Baseball Icons portfolio are fiber-base silver gelatin prints archivally processed and made by Kirk Anspach from Osvaldo Salas's original 4 x 5 negatives that have been donated to the MLB Hall of fame in Cooperstown, NY. The two images of Fidel Castro were printed digitally by Roberto Salas from his own negatives.

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