Gordon Cook: Form & Figure
Whimsical, humorous, and thought provoking sculptures, works on paper, and oil paintings, from the estate of Bay Area Figurative artist
September 15 - October 29, 2011
exhibition artwork

With a minimal yet refined approach, Gordon Cook utilizes his subjects' essential elements to express the playfulness of life and art. Much like Brancusi's ability to translate his environment into simple forms, or Haring's ability to accentuate the figure with whimsical gestures, Cook's artworks express their subject simply and profoundly.

Gordon Cook viewed much of his sculptural work as "maquettes" in a process that provided setups that would lead to his tour de force paintings of the same subject. 

The gallery is honored to again work with the estate for a second solo exhibition. Together with his paintings, drawings and prints, the attention to these extraordinary artworks is long overdue.