More Than a Game : The Art of Baseball
March 31 - April 30, 2005
Reception: Thursday, March 31, 5:30 - 7:30 pm
exhibition artwork

Baseball has been a timeline for my life.

My early years in life Brooklyn following the Dodgers are among my most cherished memories. Going to my first game with my Uncle Abe, seeing the green grass as soon as we walked through the doors leading to the field, the Brooklyn uniforms with the red numerals below the heart, and then rooting for Jackie Robinson are some of my favorite recollections.

When I moved to Miami Beach in 1956, leaving the Dodgers behind, I found the comfort of baseball in the International League with the Marlins. I'll never forget Satchel Paige, the ageless star of the Negro Leagues starting a game against the Havana Sugar Kings.

It was in Miami that I became a little leaguer and wore my first uniform; I think it was Joe and Nemo's restaurant. These are pictures in my mind that I will never forget...Baseball has always been a good friend to me wherever I have been.

Each year in late March, when I walk down Geary Street in San Francisco I have a feeling of anticipation knowing that in just a few short minutes all of the wonderful baseball memories of the past and present await as soon as I enter the Krevsky Gallery. Seeing the works of the artists which vividly expresses their love for baseball is simply one of the highlights of my baseball season. Being among the various sculptures, paintings, and drawings, displayed in the gallery bring forth in me the same feelings I have when walking across the morning dew on the infield at Phoenix Municipal Stadium at 8:00 AM during spring training in Arizona...quiet beauty and a sense of peace.

Whether it is the beautifully stitched baseball quilt which catches my eye as soon as I enter the gallery, a sculpture of a catcher wearing "the tools of ignorance" or the portraits of the familiar major leaguers, the feelings are the same: sheer bliss and tranquility.

If you want to understand the impact of baseball on American life, just take a walk around the gallery and you will see every aspect of the game, from little league to the majors with wonderful stops in between.

My season is underway!

Marty Lurie
Baseball Historian