Art of Baseball: 15th Annual Exhibition

March 20 - April 28, 2012

Saturday, March 24th, 3 - 5PM

Art of Baseball: 15th Annual Exhibition

Opening day of baseball season millions join together to root for their home team, to watch, to listen and to experience. Partake in this great American pastime at The George Krevsky Gallery's Art of Baseball: 15th Annual Exhibition featuring 76 drawings, paintings, and sculptures by artists from across the country.

An all-star lineup graces this year's show. Magical third baseman Brooks Robinson caught everything hit in his general direction during a Hall of Fame career. Babe Ruth's steely stare scared every pitcher from Boston to Chicago where he called his famous shot against the Cubs, in Game 3 of the 1932 World Series; and finally Jackie Robinson's intense concentration helped him wall out an avalanche of hate, from bench jockeys and irate fans while he broke down baseball's color barrier in 1947. And the lineup wouldn't complete without Yogi Berra blocking the plate back like he owned it, and the artist captured him in his prime playing the game he loved before he became remembered for "Yogi-isms."

The 15th Annual Exhibition is like a window into Cooperstown. We hope you'll enjoy the creative imagery of a young man's game that captures the heart and soul of fans new and old alike. Pitchers and Catchers have reported to Spring Training, and the 46 artists in the show yell "PLAY BALL!

"This is a really inclusive exhibit - not only covering so many eras of the game but also representing so many issues (race, broken records, legendary players, minor and international leagues) & artistic styles." -Keith Bowers, Arts & Culture Editor, SF Weekly