Artist: Jack Levine, Title: Daley Gesture
Jack Levine
Daley Gesture
1969, drypoint etching on paper
8.75 x 11.75 inches    
In a more serious vein than the candid impressions from the floor of the 1968 Democratic Convention as seen in On the Convention Floor is this telling portrayal of Richard Daley, Mayor of Chicago.  Levine has caught him giving his now famous gesture, running one finger across the throat.  It was a sign to his people who ran the convention to turn off the microphone on the podium while Senator Abe Ribicoff was making a speech in which he objected to the way  that the protesters, who had converged on the city, were abused by the city police.  Related to this print is the 1968  painting, Daley's Gesture.  Levine used an old plate, prepared earlier with aquatint, but never worked up.  Turning it on its side and incorporating the accidental markings, he "scraped and polished", as he puts it, until a trial proof came out to his satisfaction.