Ron Gibbs

artist artwork
Ron Gibbs found his creative side later in life and has been painting for about three years. His art education is informal and he's primarily self-taught. Ron attends a weekly painting group where he implements what he's learned in numerous workshops.

Ron began painting as a traditional brush painter.After almost a year he started painting with a palette knife and has never looked back. He found the palette knife allows him to create with vivid color and texture helping him to convey his creative vision onto canvas.

Ron has loved baseball for over 50 years. He has played, coached, umpired, and of course he's been a fan.Ron found a way to combine his new passion for painting with his lifelong love of sports. He discovered that his passion for the game of baseball allowed his art to become more inspired. This also seemed to evoke similar emotions in the viewers of his paintings.

Most of Ron's paintings have been commissions for the parents of little league, high school baseball, and softball players, evoking strong emotions in both the players and their parents. Ron is touched when the parents are moved to tears at the unveiling of the painting of their child in action. This is a frequent reminder of how powerful the combination of art and sports can be.