Peter Carey

artist artwork
Artist Statement

I paint in order to recreate a mood I experienced at a particular instant. Because I will never have the opportunity to bring the viewer to that particular place and time, I use a camera to capture the instant, but a photograph by itself has never produced the end result I wanted.The only way to give credibility to the image is to paint it, and to paint it well. Although my paintings tend towards photorealism, I want the painting to be clearly identifiable as a painting, and as a watercolor.

If the brush stroke can depict reality so closely that a viewer gets lost in the scene in front of them, then I feel proud of my craft.This pride in what I do is just as important as the reaction of people who see my paintings, because ultimately I am my own harshest critic.So the process involves seeing like an artist, selecting like a critic, painting like a craftsman and promoting like a salesman.All of these stages can be exciting or work.I like to think that the end product is worth the work and that the excitement is a bonus.

I frequently use a combination of photos for the initial drawing, which I trace, project or draw freehand.I like to use a mouth atomizer for skies, sponges for clouds and brushes for almost everything else.I paint using tempera watercolor on paper or board.When I am afraid that doing anything more to a painting may spoil it, then I am done.I work on several different projects simultaneously in order to keep from getting stale.

My goal is to create a body of work with great variety, all painted with a recognizable style.