Jay D. Schelstrate

artist artwork
Jay D. Schelstrate was born in 1982, and grew up in Scottsdale, AZ.Growing up he was almost exclusively a self-taught artist, before the age of 15 his art was featured in a few magazines, including Beckett.By the time he reached high school he started focusing all of his attention on playing sports, namely baseball which he played through college.After a rather underwhelming baseball career he found his way back to drawing and painting.

To Jay D., the most important aspect of his art is to show movement and emotion through a two dimensional piece of art.While originally focusing on sports art, he has moved on to art depicting all pop culture as well as daily life in hopes to capture the essence of vitality that seemingly goes unnoticed as it happens.Because he is always trying new styles, his hope is never to be defined by one style instead to be defined by how he makes the viewer feel.