Paul Lempa

artist artwork
Paul Lempa was born in Bayonne, New Jersey in 1970 and currently lives and woks in Jersey City, NJ.A lifelong sports fan and avid artist, Paul began teaching himself how to paint after seeing a baseball art exhibit at the National Folk Art Museum in New York City back in 2003.

Spending much of the last 15 years working in advertising as a creative director, Paul has welcomed the change of scenery that sports art has given him.Through his art, Paul offers a fresh perspective on the games and athletes our nation adores.

In the past 3 years, his sports art has been seen in museums, juried shows, national publications and featured on Topps baseball cards.The June 2011 issue of Beckett Sports Card Monthly called Lempa on the “TOP 12 Artists to Collect.” Also featured on of his unique hand-painted baseball cards, and his Hand Greenberg painting currently resides at the National Art Museum of Sport in Indianapolis as part of the 2nd Annual International Fine Arts Competition Commitment to Excellence in Art & Sport.

Nicknamed “Moonlight”, for his penchant for late night painting, and his love for the movie “Field of Dreams”, Paul takes great pride in being a visual historian for the sports he loves.