Martin Parker

artist artwork

I was ten years old when my Dad and Granddad Mart took me to my first Major League Baseball game, in September of 1971, to see my beloved Oakland A’s play the Minnesota Twins.The game was tied in the bottom of the 9th when Reggie Jackson stepped to the plate.My Dad leaned over and said, “Watch Reggie hit a homerun to win the game. ”And he did.And I was hooked. Baseball - along with art - became a lifelong passion.

Living in a suburb of Citrus Heights, California, I grew up an A’s fan during their Wonder Years. My first love was drawing, but my first dream was to be a Big League Ballplayer. In high school, my dream of being a ballplayer died, but my desire to become an artist emerged.

I began by studying drawing, painting, and “The Zen of Seeing” with Wulf H. Meyer and Ron Paulat at Mesa Verde High School in Citrus Heights. They taught me not only how to do art but how to “think” art. To “see” rather than to “look.” It changed my Life and Wulf and Ron became lifelong friends. Continuing to study art at American River College in Sacramento, I fell under the spell of the guru-like Gary Pruner.

While attending Cal State Long Beach, I began to focus on performing arts. I moved to Hollywood and pursued an acting and writing career. Art was still my First Love and I would return to it occasionally, selling a painting or doing a commission here or there. I worked several “day jobs” before my 10-year career at Warner Brothers Film and TV Archives until that came to an end on November 19th, 2010.

For the first time in 10 years I could focus on my art, all day, every day, without the burden of a job to hold me back.I began to put all my spirit and energy into my Circle Series of Drawings, which I had begun in 2008. As 2011 progressed, my productivity and creativity evolved and improved, the Dream to be an artist returned.

I explore a wide range of subjects using the cinematic-like “circle” format. Part of the fun is how the subject relates to the circle. What breaks the circle? What remains inside?And why? Often I make these decisions on the spur of the moment, or as I like to call them, “game-time decisions.” And like a circle, I feel this ongoing series of drawings has no end.Like my favorite things - Baseball, Football, Rock & Roll, Hollywood icons, the Old West, and, of course, Women - the possibilities are endless.

I have come to believe that each new drawing is a new opportunity. At 51 years old I am back.It all started with a dream to become an artist for a living.And now it’s time.

Play Ball!