Peter Mackie

artist artwork

B. F. A., University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan 1972
M. F. A., Cranbrook Academy of Art, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan 1974


2008 "Photo Constructions", Curators Voice Art Projects at ABBA Fine Art Gallery-
curated by Milagros Bello-Miami, Fla.
1995 “Photo Constructions”, Art Museum of the Americas, Wash. D.C.
1994 Olsson Fine Art, Brussels, Belgium
1992 D Y Gallery of Art, Caracas, Venezuela
1991 Galeria Arte Ascaso, Valencia, Venezuela
1986 Galleri Malen, Helsingborg, Sweden
Gallery 101, Malmo, Sweden
1985 Cretum Art, Stockholm, Sweden
1983 Estevez Villas Gallery, Cincinnati, Ohio
Walton Gallery, Chicago, Illinois
1982 Jack Gallery, New York
1981 Walton Gallery, Chicago, Illinois
Cherry Creek Gallery, Denver, Colorado
1980 Jack Gallery, New York
1978 “Expanded Cinema” Kinetic Paintings, Cayman Gallery, New York
1974“Expanded Cinema” Kinetic Paintings, North Carolina State University Design
Rotunda, Raleigh, North Carolina


2011 Olsson Collection, Tommarp, Sweden
2010 Art Shanghai- ArtSh, ( Curator’s Voice Art Projects ), Shanghai, China
Mixed Voices Contemporary Art , Curator’s Voice Art Project , Miami, Florida
The Deceptive Eye - Video Photography Festival - 1st Edition - Curator’s Voice Art Project, Miami, Fla.
Castleton 11 - Video Installation - Castleton, New York
2009 Digital Rituals - New Art in the Fourth Dimension - Produced by Republic -
curated by Jason Voegele - at Jungle - Brooklyn , New York
Olsson Collection - Stora Frosunda - SAS Institute AB - Stockholm, Sweden
2008 12th Annual Art Under the Bridge Festival-"Kinetic Project"-on site installation -
DUMBO Arts Center, Brooklyn, New York
Projection on the Manhattan Bridge- "Kinetic Paintings 2008", Curated by Leo Kuelbs
Allied Kinetics- Leo Kuelbs Collection- Projected Kinetic Paintings
2007 Scope New York - Perpetual Art Machine , NY
BAU Gallery - “Exquiste Corpse Installation,” Beacon, NY
11th Annual Art Under the Bridge Festival -" Project Glow" - Kinetic Paintings-
DUMBO Arts Center, Brooklyn, N.Y.
Objecthood- Hard Core Contemporary Art Space- Projections- Miami, Florida
2006 Photo New York - 3rd Annual International New York Contemporary Photographic Art Fair Metropolitan Pavilion.NY New York, Vara- Kuelbs Projects
D.U.M.B.O Art under the Bridge Festival
“Contingencies of the Real,” Brooklyn, NY
Olsson Collection- Tommarp, Sweden- Paintings, Drawings Photographs, Videos
Scope-Hamptons- Hamptons, N.Y.-Video Project
Perpetual Art Machine
2003 Premier Mes de la Fotographia- Caracas, Venezuela
47th Annual National Juried Print Exhibition, Hunterdon Museum of Art, Clinton NJ
“Three Photographers”, Gallery of Banco Industrial, Caracas, Venezuela
2002 Life of the City, Museum of Modern Art, New York, NY
2001 WTC Photography Auction , Drive in Studios,New York, NY
1999 Jean Paul Slusser Gallery, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Gallery Artists, Meza Fine Art, Miami, Florida
1998 Random Access Realities, Downtown Arts Festival, New York, NY
Art For Prasad Manhattan Center, New York, NY
“Gallery Artists”, Galeria Arte Ascaso, Valencia, Venezuela
Olsson Fine Art, Brussels, Belgium
Abstract Painting Confronts 1999 and Beyond, curated by William Maxwell, Westchester Community College, Westchester County Center, White Plains, NY
1996 Il Bienal Barro de America, Museo de Arte de Maracaibo Lia Bermudez, Maracaibo, Ven.
Gallery Artists, Meza Fine Art, Miami, Florida
“Bienal Artists”, Gomez Gallery, Baltimore, Maryland
1994 Gomez Gallery, Baltimore, MD
Gallery Artists, Joel Kessler Fine Art, Miami Beach, Fl
Miami ‘94 Art Exposition, Joel Kessler Fine Art, Miami Beach, Fl
1993 “Visual Age”, Nine on Ten Gallery, New York, NY
1992 Cretum Art, Brussels, Belgium
Galeria Arte Ascaso, Valencia, Venezuela
1990 Fifth International Biennial Print Exhibit, R.O.C., Taipei Fine Arts Museum
Trends II, Museum of Contemporary Hispanic Art, New York City
Lilly Lanz Gallery, Santiago, Chile
Galeria Arte Ascaso, Valencia, Venezuela
1991 “Recent Trends in Works of Art on Paper”, Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos
Aires, Argentina, catalog, color reproduction [n.p.] curated by George Nelson
Strand Galleriet, Sodertalje, Sweden, “Tenth Anniversary Show”
“China....June 4”, Institute for Contemporary Art, P. S. 1 Museum, NYC.
“Sculpture of the Americas into the Nineties”, Museum of Modern Art of Latin America,
Washington D. C. , catalog, reproduction p. 45, curated by Belgica Rodriguez
(in conjunction with the Second International Sculpture Conference)
1989 “China....June 4”, Blum Helman Warehouse, New York City
“Juxtapositions” (sculpture), Steelcase Design Partnership, New York City (article with
photograph, New York Times, July 27, 1989)
1988 Gallery 101, Malmo, Sweden.Kulturhuset, Vetlanda, Sweden
1986 Virginia Miller Gallery, Coral Gables, Florida
1985 Nan Miller Gallery, Rochester, New York
1984 Strand Galleriet, Sodertalje, Sweden
Bulowska Galleriet, Malmo, Sweden-
1982 Stockholm International Art Fair, Sweden
Hanson Gallery, New York City
1973 Delta College Invitational, University Center, Michigan Galleries of Cranbrook Academy of Art, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
1972 34th Annual North Carolina Artists’ Show, Raleigh, N. C.
North Campus Commons, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.
Architecture and Design Galleries, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.
Rackham Art Gallery, Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Ulla and Gregor Olsson, Malmö, Sweden
Erik Danielsson, Uppsula, Sweden (Ex. CEO, Pharmacia, AB)
Ulf Karlberg, London, UK
Bulten-Kanthal AB, Karlstad, Sweden
Coopers & Lybrand, Stockholm, Sweden
Ian- Eric Österlund, London, UK
Gösta Karlsson, Växjö, Sweden
Nils Bouveng, Vetlanda, Sweden
Casablanca Records, New York
Gerald Kuhn Inc., New York
Clyde Junior Inc., New York
J. Richards Byrns, Bloomcraft Inc., New York
Coca Cola Corporation, Atlanta, Georgia
Hyatt Regency Hotel, Long Beach, California
Incentive A B, Stockholm, Sweden
SAPA, Vetlanda, Sweden
Korsnas Marma, Karlstad, Sweden
Lorentzon & Wettre, Stockholm, Sweden
Metropolitan Life, New York, New York
Museo de Arte de Maracaibo Lia Bermudez, Maracaibo, Venezuela

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