Chris Donnelly

artist artwork
Fascinated by the shapes, colors, and mechanical designs, I collected antique wooden fishing lures and was inspired to make them myself. I was in my thirties and this was the first time I had created objects uniquely my own. Looking for a way to express emotion and character. In 1995, I ventured into carving wooden people. I was so taken with this.I carved hundreds of figures in the first few years. Using basic wood carving tools, such as gouges, files, and knives, I create these figures from my imagination. These figures emerge from everyday life, memories, old photos, family, and myself.

Born in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
Currently living in the San Francisco Bay area.


Ann Arbor Original Street Art Fair, 1995 - 1999
Narratives in wood, Virginia Breier Gallery, 1998
Bruce Museum of Art, Outdoor Arts Festival, 1999
Winter Park Art Fair, 2000
Palmer Museum of Art, Pennsylvania State University, Self Taught Artists, collection of Joseph and Janet Shein . 2006
Re:Collect 2009, Re:View Contemporary Gallery, Detroit Michigan.
Portland Looking Up, Solo show, Nemo Design, Portland, Oregon, 2009


Virginia Breier Gallery, San Francisco, California
Mark Milliken Gallery, New York, New York
Washington Street Gallery, Ann Arbor, Michigan


Joseph D and Janet M Shein, Philadelphia, PA
Ann and Steven Shure, Seattle, WA
Jerry Bolduan, Sebastapol, CA
Leonard Zucker, Portland, OR
Gretchen and Larry Jacobson, Kansas City, MO
Carol Banker, Los Angeles, CA