Bernie Hubert

artist artwork
Bernie Hubert grew up in the New York City area during the 1950’s and was influenced by the great Giant, Dodger and Yankee teams of that era.Bernie’s art is a prism through which he reflects the nostalgic sense of those bygone days, that golden era of “Mickey, Willie and The Duke”, when the three best ballplayers in all of baseball roamed their respective centerfields within a stone’s throw of each other. It was truly a magical time for a young boy in love with baseball. As the # 2 member of the very first Willie Mays fan club in 1951, Bernie, in his paintings, captures the youth and simplicity of Willie’s early days as a New York Giant.He has done ten paintings of The Say Hey Kid.He’s also rendered Mickey Mantle and Duke Snider from that same magical time, and has portrayed more contemporary Yankees, as well as others such as Jeter, A-Rod and Clemens.In a totally different artistic genre, Bernie also paints “Americana” pieces, which here again reflect on his 1950’s childhood.

Retiring in 1998, Bernie needed to find something to do other than play golf, so he reacquainted himself with his boyhood love of painting. A self-taught artist, Bernie’s style is primarily photorealism, with touches of improvisation and stylization. In 2011 Bernie introduced his art portfolio to Facebook, which exposed Bernie to a whole new community of artists, art lovers and collectors. As a result he entered and won a place in the SABR Jerry Malloy Negro League Black Heroes Art Competition, was chosen as a juried winner in The International Excellence in Sports Art—A Fine Art Competition conducted by the National Art Museum of Sport in Indianapolis, and had one of his paintings grace the cover of Black Ball Journal, a bi-annual Negro League magazine.

Bernie lives in Morristown, NJ. A 1967 Penn State graduate, he met his wife Beverly there and graduated all four of his children from PSU. He is particularly proud of the portrait he did of Joe Paterno.