Gary Butson

artist artwork
Gary Butson paints still life that breathes, emanating an essence of both strength and a sense of humor. Dramatically set against a dark background, strong direct light coming from one direction, the shadows create depth in reality, deep furrows characteristically outlining the shapes of the objects at hand. His quintessential models of pears, garlic and eggs provide in color and texture, personality emerging from the canvas with each meticulously crafted stroke of the brush.

Gary Butson received his art training at the Pennsylvania School of Art in Marietta, now the Pennsylvania College of Art and Design in Downtown Lancaster. Butson has exhibited in Wilmington, Delaware, Richmond, Virginia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and numerous local venues. Private and public collectors throughout the mid-Atlantic region have acquired his artworks. Butson received the Lancaster City Council on the Arts, Individual Artistís Grant in 1991, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and the Best of Show Award from the Pennsylvania School of Art in 1984, Marietta, Pennsylvania.