Michael Scoggins

artist artwork
In the tradition of the great Pop artists, Scoggins takes the ordinary and recreates it with a new vision. As simple as it is sophisticated, his work is accessible, edgy, provocative and witty, sometimes in a satirical and even sinister way.

The artist’s “canvases” are, in fact, huge recreations of children’s notebook pages, complete with blue and red lines, and torn holes from the spiral bound edge. The enlarged sheet creates a new perspective, infuses the familiar object with a new sense of importance. Scoggins fills these spaces with words and images drawn in a childlike style. He demonstrates vividly, and in heroic scale, how he is affected by American popular culture and world events, and how those forces have shaped all our lives.

Scoggins enlivens his unique works with a tactile component, selectively tearing, crumpling and folding each sheet. He gives each work a sense of an individual history – as though each has indeed been torn out at random from a child’s notebook.

The works are emotionally charged – some make us laugh, others fill us with nostalgia or melancholy, while still others can make the viewer angry or frustrated. The artist asks us to sit up and take notice, to think and respond, and to deliberate and discuss these works.